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PayPal Donations / Donacije Posted Feb 05, 2014 By Sale

Living the life that we do can be hard and over exhausting. We have full schedule from day to night in preparing and helping dogs

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IV International Sleddog race in Serbia / IV Srpska trka zaprega pasa Posted Mar 13, 2013 By Sale

  IV International Sleddog race in Serbia was held on March 3rd 2013 at out Husky Center training trails, and since this was promotional /

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Posebni drugari / Special Friends Posted Sep 19, 2012 By Sale

      O nama brine Veterinarska Ambulanta ANIMUS Our Vets are working for ANIMUS :   www.animus.co.rs www.facebook.com/veterinarska.animus Najbolji on line Sled dog sport

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Our dogs / Naši psi Posted Apr 24, 2012 By Sale

Visiting my sisters family 2012 in Stockholm gave us a chance to visit Moonrun’s kennel located nowadays near town (moved from north of Sweden) and

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Contact / Kontakt Posted Apr 17, 2012 By Sale

Our contacts are : Husky Center Lothlorien, Mandjeloska planina, 22 208 Mandjelos, Srbija Cell phone : +381 64 130 56 58 Email: sale66bg@yahoo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/153382121422716/

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Winter / Zima Posted Apr 17, 2012 By Sale

  Winter 2012 Winter 2012 gave us a lot of snow, cold weather with great runs, good students in our Sleddog sport school and fine

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